Pope Francis criticizes Clergy, “Lustful for Power”….

One must have a straight spine to accept this. However Pope Francis needs to review his team of advisors.


Will the Archbishop of Bombay follow the Pontiff?


Pope roasts the Vatican: Pontiff blasts his own top cardinals and priests for being ‘lustful for power, living hypocritical lives and suffering from spiritual Alzheimer’s instead of being men of God’

  • Pope Francis issued blistering critique while delivering festive message
  • He suggested some of the Holy See had developed ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s’
  • And produced long list of their faults – titled ‘The 15 Ailments Of The Curia’ 
  • Cardinals were not amused giving speech muted applause in Vatican City

Pope Francis today issued a blistering critique of the Vatican bureaucracy that serves him while delivering a Christmas message to cardinals, bishops and priests who run the Holy See.

Rather than offering a traditional good-willed festive greeting, the pontiff described how some of those under him lust for power at all costs and lead hypocritical double-lives

He suggested others suffer from ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s’ and forget they’re…

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Actively standing up for justice among the underpriviliged Catholics, and corruption in the Catholic Church at Mumbai.
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